The AGRANO AG, located in Allschwil near Basel, was founded in 1946 by Mr. Ch. Scherz. Its founder was a pioneer in this field. Against all odds he believed the future, advanced baking ingredients and convenience products in the production of pastries and confectionaries - and succeeded!

The German sister company, AGRANO GmbH & Co. KG, started in 1996, being the pioneer of the first organic yeast (BiorealĀ®). As there was no descendant in the founder's family, AGRANO AG was sold to the Oetker-Group in 1992. This new merger and the possibilities now available support an optimal business for all our customers.

The Agrano AG employs a team of 70 employees. Its goal is to bring success to bakers and pastry chefs with new products and ideas and to make their work easier. To achieve that goal Agrano produces and sells products of the highest quality for the bakery and pastry industry. The high standard of Agrano products with the Swiss-Quality label are valued by customers from around the world.

Innovative mixes for special brand breads, a variety of starter doughs and sponge products of the highest quality, the most comprehensive range of organic products, effective and safe backing agents as well as the finest ingredients for confectionaries and patisseries make Agrano the most complete Swiss supplier of semi-ready and ready to use products for bakers and confectioners.

Your success is our maxime.

"Only the customer decides if our products are what is needed on the market." For Agrano this policy is the starting point for all new developments and the clincher for any product optimization. Only if you successfully sell your products to the end consumer we will be satisfied with our products. This also applies to customer specific products and solutions which we develop together with you.

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